New Assistant Access on Your Health Alliance

February 24, 2017

We are excited to announce that as of February 28, your assistants can access your agency book of business and commission statements on Your Health Alliance for brokers.

They’ll also have access to many of the same tools you use to help support your clients. To grant this access to your assistants, the principal agent at your firm needs to sign the Assistant Permissions Page, available in the Forms & Resources section of Your Health Alliance, and send it to BrokerServices@healthalliance.org.

Once we’ve received and reviewed this, we’ll email your assistants with instructions on how to register and details on the access available to them.

Check Eligibility on Your Health Alliance

In 2016, we introduced the new Your Health Alliance for brokers, which includes group book of business. This gives you access to your groups and the census tied to each group. From the census, you can see a list of the subscribers, their dependents, their plan, and whether they are active or termed, including dates.

Now that it’s available, we ask that you use this online access to check eligibility. You will no longer receive a response from Membership@healthalliance.org when you submit an application for a new add, a change in eligibility, or a request to term a member.

Please allow 3 business days for the information to appear on Your Health Alliance.

Large Group Commissions Go Up

February 16, 2017

We are happy to announce that starting with new quotes effective on March 1, we will be increasing the standard commissions on large group sales. In addition to an increased employee rate for HMO and POS products, you will now be paid per dependent for all new HMO, POS, and PPO sales.

If you request the increase on existing business, we will accommodate that request at the next renewal. These new commission rates will not apply to Medicare groups, which will continue under the current commissions arrangement.

We value our relationships with our brokers and the service you provide to our large groups. We will evaluate our structure on an annual basis.

New Large Group HMO, POS, and Balance Plan Commission Rates

  • Group size 1 to 50: $33.50 per employee
  • Group size 51 to 150: $25 per employee or negotiated
  • Group size 151+: $17.65 per employee or negotiated
  • Per dependent: $5

New Large Group PPO Commission Rates

  • Group size 1 to 50: $31.50 per employee
  • Group size 51 to 150: $21 per employee or negotiated
  • Group size 151+: $13.65 per employee or negotiated
  • Per dependent: $5
Group size = Enrolled employees at the time of the sale or renewal

Note: We will still allow negotiated or non-standard commissions upon request.

Email BrokerServices@healthalliance.org with any questions.

Individual SEPs for Adding a Dependent

February 10, 2017

Under our enrollment cap, individual plan members may qualify for a special enrollment period (SEP) that lets them add a dependent to an existing plan.

This for current individual plan members only. We are not accepting new individual plan members, and no plan changes, other than those listed below, will be allowed.

  • Members on Marketplace plans with an SEP-qualified dependent will need to request the SEP through the Marketplace. Contact the Marketplace with any questions.
  • Direct plan members must submit an application to Health Alliance. The application must be received within 60 days of the qualifying event. The effective date is determined by the qualifying event. Contact your client consultant with any questions.

Subscribers may qualify for an SEP to add a dependent if:

  • Their income or household status changes, which can change how much government help they get.
  • Their dependent is gaining citizenship.
  • They’re getting married or entering a civil-union partnership.
  • Their dependent is losing coverage.
  • They’re having a baby or adopting.
  • Having a child placed with them through a court order. (Subscribers can only add the dependent with the SEP; they cannot add all dependents.)

Here’s how we will handle the following situations under our enrollment cap:

Situation 1

2 spouses are on 1 policy. The wife, who is the subscriber, divorces her husband, moves to a Medicare plan, or passes away. The policy has to be changed to make the husband the subscriber.

  • In the event of death, divorce, or Medicare, we will allow the dependent spouse to continue with their coverage.

Situation 2

The son of a subscriber turns 26 and has to transition from being a dependent on his parents’ policy to having his own policy.

  • A child dependent will be termed on the last day of the month in which he turns 26 years old, but he can complete the process to be authorized as a subscriber on his own policy. It must be the same plan he was previously on.

Situation 3

A military subscriber goes on active duty and her policy is terminated. Once active duty ends, she wants to come back on her Health Alliance individual plan.

  • We will not allow the military subscriber to re-enroll if there is a break in coverage.

Sending 1095-B Tax Forms to Members

February 8, 2017

We finished mailing 1095-B forms to members on February 3. If you have questions about these forms, contact your client consultant or sales associate.

Individual Marketplace members will receive their 1095-A forms from the Marketplace and should contact the Marketplace with questions or concerns.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) extended the deadline for health insurers to send individuals 1095-B forms and for employers to provide 1095-C forms to employees. The deadline for health insurers to file 2016 forms with the IRS has not changed.

  • Deadline for sending individuals the 2016 forms 1095-B and 1095-C: March 2 (previously January 31)
  • Deadline for health insurers to file 2016 1095-B data with the IRS:
    • If filing electronically: March 31
    • If not filing electronically: February 28

Illinois Brokers: Deadline is Approaching for 2017 Health Alliance Certification

January 25, 2017

All Illinois brokers appointed by Health Alliance for individual and/or group sales and renewals must complete the 2017 Health Alliance Broker Certification courses* by January 31, 2017. You only need to complete the courses for the lines of business you sell.

Appointments will be terminated for any brokers who do not complete these courses by the deadline.

This Illinois-specific training relates only to Health Alliance and not to the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) training through CMS or any Medicare training you may be required to complete. If you sell Marketplace plans, go to Data.HealthCare.gov to check that you’re FFM-certified. You must complete the FFM certification to receive commission for public plans.

If you have any questions, email BrokerServices@healthalliance.org.

*Note: The training website is not compatible with the web browser Firefox.