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Recovery Phone Number on Your Health Alliance

March 31, 2017

Starting April 2, you’ll be able to set up a phone number to receive password recovery texts on Your Health Alliance. This feature will let you reset a forgotten password by entering a verification code that’s texted to your phone.

Members and brokers will see a banner on Your Health Alliance reminding you to set up a recovery phone number, or you can visit the Account page to set this up under the Email Login/Password section. (You can also return to the Account page to update this phone number at any time.)

Follow the on-screen directions to set up your recovery phone number or use the new Password Recovery section of the Your Health Alliance Guide for Brokers for step-by-step help setting it up.

Once you’ve set up a phone number, the next time you forget your password, choose the “Forgot Your Password?” link from the Log In page, and you’ll be able to choose between using your email or your recovery phone number to get a verification code that will let you reset your password.

You can also get help with the process of resetting your password in the Password Recovery section of the Your Health Alliance Guide for Brokers.

Submit Be Fit Reimbursement Forms Online

March 15, 2017

Medicare Advantage members can now submit Be Fit reimbursement forms online, available on or by logging in to Your Health Alliance for members and using the Submit a Form section.

These online requests will be processed in 2 to 3 weeks. If they use Your Health Alliance, they can also return and review the details of their submitted requests after they’ve submitted them.

Connect to more details about our Be Fit fitness benefit and getting paid back on

New Materials on Your Health Alliance

March 2, 2017

We’ve added new materials for you to use during age-in and sales videos in Spanish for our Confluence and SignalAdvantage plans on the Forms & Resources section of Your Health Alliance for brokers.

New age-in materials include fillable ads, prospect letters, and the 2017 age-in guidebooks. Please make sure you’re using these new materials and not the ads or letters from the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) while we’re outside the AEP.

You can add photos to your ads, but if you have questions, email us at

2017 Age-In Prospect Letters

2017 Age-In Digital Ads

2017 Age-In Guidebooks

2017 Washington Spanish Videos

New Assistant Access on Your Health Alliance

March 1, 2017

We are excited to announce that your assistants can now access your agency book of business and commission statements on Your Health Alliance for brokers.

They’ll also have access to many of the same tools you use to help support your clients. To grant this access to your assistants, the principal agent at your firm needs to sign the Assistant Permissions Page, available in the Forms & Resources section of Your Health Alliance, and send it to

Once we’ve received and reviewed this, we’ll email your assistants with instructions on how to register and details on the access available to them.

Be Fit and Defined Dental Benefit Denial Letters

January 24, 2017

Some members are receiving denial letters for reimbursements above Be Fit’s allowed amount of $30 per month or their $200 or more defined dental benefit.

If members send us receipts for reimbursement that exceed these allowed amounts without a form or noting the allowed amount they expect to receive, they will receive a check for the allowed amount and a denial letter for the difference.

If members acknowledge that they’re aware of these allowed amounts, they will not receive a denial letter. For Be Fit reimbursement, they can do this by:


  • Noting “For $30 only” on their receipt for gym membership or fitness classes

For defined dental benefit reimbursement, they can do this by:

  • Noting on the receipt that it’s for the amount of their plan’s defined benefit only

In some cases, they will receive a denial letter before the reimbursement check because denial letters are sent out immediately after the reimbursement is processed, but checks for reimbursements are only sent once a week. They will also receive Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) showing the details of what was paid and denied.

We encourage members to use the Be Fit reimbursement form to make the Be Fit reimbursement process easier. They can find it on