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2019 Medicare Enrollment

On October 15, we will begin accepting online Medicare enrollments for the 2019 plan year. For 2019, your National Producer Number (NPN) is both your username and your password. Learn more about using the online enrollment site in this quick guide. If you would also like access to our 2019 iPad enrollment app, email

You must receive a signed and completed paper application from a potential member before submitting an online application. After submitting the online application, you don’t need to send us the original signed paper copy of the application, but you will need to keep it in your records for 10 years. You do not need to have a signed and completed paper application before submitting an application through the iPad app.

Reminder: There’s not a section in the online enrollment site to enter credit card information. If members choose to pay by credit card on their applications, you’ll need to send copies of the applications to or have the member fill out a credit card authorization form.

You can email scope of appointment forms to

If you have any enrollments with November or December 2018 effective dates, make sure you use the 2018 Medicare enrollment site.

Before you can submit applications for 2019 plans, you must complete all contracting requirements. If you have questions about your contracting status, contact Broker Support at 1-877-917-8489 or