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Astria Sunnyside Community Hospital Leaving Health Alliance Northwest Network

As of April 20, 2019, Astria Sunnyside Community Hospital will not be in-network for SignalAdvantage members except for emergency care or if they receive preauthorization for non-emergency services. Our POS members will still be able to use the hospital and its providers at their out-of-network benefit level.

As stated in a previous flash, although all Astria Sunnyside providers and clinics are ending their contracts with Health Alliance Northwest on April 20 as well, it should have a low member impact. We are also working with other providers in the service area for contracting.

  • Agreements are in place with Prosser Memorial Hospital and its providers, but they’re still in the credentialing process. Prosser has a clinic in Grandview that will offer PCPs and some limited specialties. The hospital and the rest of the providers are in Prosser and Benton City.
  • Agreements are in place with Kadlec and its providers in Richland, but they’re also still in the credentialing process.

As soon as these providers are part of the network, they will appear in the online provider directory search.

If you have questions, call Broker Support at 1-877-917-8489 or email