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IVR Enhancements are Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce that IVR enhancements will go-live soon!  These enhancements will help to drive our system and processes to best-in-class industry standards and were designed and tested based on feedback from Health Alliance providers, members and many of our own representatives. 

What are the new IVR functions?

  • Caller Authentication
    • Enables members to self-identify and authenticate in an automated fashion
  • Claims Status
    • Enables providers to determine if a claim has been received, received date, and outcome
  • Prior Authorization Status
    • Enables providers to see if prior auth is needed for a certain procedure code based on a member’s plan

How will I be affected?

  • There will be a reduced number of calls waiting in the provider queues
  • There will be a reduced handle time due to member authentication being done by IVR
  • There will be an increase in overall member satisfaction by allowing you to complete calls faster

Go-Live Date

  • The IVR enhancements are slated to go-live on Thursday, September 19th. We will send out more details and FAQs pertaining to the applications as we approach the launch date.

We are very excited for these major changes.  Thank you for all of your help and support during this journey, more to come soon!