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Simplete Formulary Phone Number Correction

We recently discovered that Rx Material Notice and Formulary for Simplete were sent with an incorrect phone number.

Simplete Local:
INCORRECT – 1-800-933-8475
CORRECT – 1-877-933-8475

Simplete Riverside:
INCORRECT – 1-800-933-8481
CORRECT – 1-877-933-8481

We have corrected the phone number for future printing of these materials. A correction notice has been created for each material and have been approved by our Compliance team. These notices will be sent to members who have received these materials advising them of the error. Each sales kit and formulary ordered going forward will include these documents informing the recipient of this correction. Also, a copy of the correction notices can be found here and here. Please include them with your current inventory of sales kits.

We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause.