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Skilled Nursing Facilities Added to Simplete Tier 1 Coverage in Illinois

We are excited to announce that skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are now included as Tier 1 providers for Simplete Medicare Advantage and Simplete Riverside Medicare Advantage plans.

Please let your clients on Simplete plans know of the following SNF additions to their Tier 1 coverage. 

Simplete Medicare Advantage

  • Country Health Inc. in Gifford, IL (000859)
  • Champaign Living Center in Champaign, IL (377118)
  • Heritage Manor, Danville LLC in Danville, IL (029483)

Simplete Riverside Medicare Advantage

  • Miller Health Care Center in Kankakee, IL (031735)

You can find these and all other in-network providers in our provider search.

If you have questions, call Broker Support at 1-877-917-8489 or email BrokerServices@​healthalliance.​org.​