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Village Pharmacy in Washington Now Closed

Village Pharmacy in Leavenworth has closed and will no longer be a preferred cost-sharing pharmacy for Health Alliance Northwest members. Safeway Pharmacy in Leavenworth is the closest preferred cost-sharing pharmacy, and there are many other in-network pharmacies in the area where members can get prescriptions filled at the standard cost-sharing coverage amount.

A preferred cost-sharing pharmacy is an in-network pharmacy that has signed a contract with us to offer certain prescription drugs at a lower cost. At these pharmacies, members can get $0 Tier 1 generics and a 90-day supply of their medication for 2 copays. At standard cost-sharing pharmacies, members have a small copay for Tier 1 generics and can get a 90-day supply of their medication for 2.5 copays.

If you have clients on Confluence plans who may have used Village Pharmacy, please let them know about its closing and their other options.